Adding extra domains to an existing Web hosting plan

For customers transferring domain names for management and use on Canvas Dreams servers, it can be a technically challenging process simply due to all the details involved. We have put together this helpful guide to instruct you in the use of additional domains.

All of our shared Web hosting plans support additional domains. This means that beyond the primary Web site you are hosting with us, you can host additional domains and Web sites on that same hosting space.

Whether transferring in an existing domain or registering a new domain, once the domain is assigned to your account, follow these instructions to configure and begin using your additional domains.

1. To begin, log into cPanel at http://(yourdomain)/cpanel

2. Then go to Domains > Add-on Domains and add the new domain. Note it will prompt you for FTP username/password as this will be set up in a distinct directory off of the file structure for the primary domain.

3. Once completed, then go to Mail > Email Accounts and add the new email address, if any, for this new domain (you will have the option to select the new domain from a dropdown menu).

4. Once completed, then log into our online support system (where you submit tickets, check billing, etc.) and go to Domains > Domain Overview and select the new domain from the list.

5. Then select Manage Domain > Nameservers from the pulldown menu and change the nameservers for the new domain to match those used by your primary domain.

This will start pointing the domain internally to the new site. Please allow up to 24 hours for the domain to have fully propagated, and you’ll be all set.