Configuring and using FTP to access your web site

FTP allows you to transfer files to and from the server that your web site is on. To transfer files, you will need an FTP client and an FTP account.  (The administrator has FTP access by default.)


To set up your FTP program manually, you will need the following information:

– Hostname ( or the IP address of your server;
– Destination folder (not required) example “/public_html”;
– Your cPanel username and password (for the FTP Username and Password);
– ‘Passive FTP’ (or PASV) should be enabled
– Port 22 is recommended (and required for some FTP clients, such as FileZilla).


Additionally, you may access FTP configuration tools within your cPanel interface.

– Login to your cPanel account.
– Locate the ‘Files’ box on the right-hand side of the page.  Click ‘FTP Accounts’.
– You may add a new FTP account for a user or use the administrator FTP account already listed in the ‘Account Management’ area.
– Locate the ‘Configure FTP Client’ icon in the ‘Functions’ column of the user you are configuring for.
– Three open-source FTP programs are shown:  Filezilla (Windows), Core FTP (Windows), and Cyberduck (Mac).  FTP configuration links are below each icon.  Feel free to use any of these programs (or your own) to utilize FTP access to your web server.