Configuring SpamAssassin and Spam Filtering Levels

SpamAssassin allows you to specify the level of filtering to determine whether an email should be considered a legitimate message or flagged as spam, and if it is spam what you want done with it.

Simply log into your cPanel console at www.(yourdomain)/cpanel and click on Spam Assassin. There you can set the spam filtering level, if you want spam automatically deleted, and even preset whitelist/blacklist domains and email addresses.

SpamAssassin’s filtering level goes between 1 and 10. Think of the numbering system like a limbo bar – the higher the number the easier it is for spam to squeeze through.

Canvas Dreams recommends setting it to a level of 3 or 4 to begin with. Valid mail is never rated above 1 or 2, but just to be safe we recommend a slightly higher setting. You can always lower it further per your personal preference and after seeing whether the filtering is doing its job at that particular setting or not.