cPanel Email Accounts

You can easily create new email addresses from inside of your cPanel account.

You will need to login to your cPanel account and find the Mail area, from there you will see the “Email Accounts”. (See pic below, click on picture for larger version)

You should now see the Email Accounts window with simple instructions. (See pic below, click on picture for larger version)

In the first box (light grey in color) you can create a new email account for any domain you host on the server.

The following fields need to be filled in.

Email: This is the address you would like to create, after the @ sign is the domain you would like to associate with this address.

Password: and Password (again): This is the associated password for the email address you are setting up. The same password has to be entered in twice to ensure that they match.

Strength (why?): This is the strength meter of the password entered above. You should target this for at least strong or very strong.

Mailbox Quota: This is the quota size for the email address. This is how much mail can sit on the server before the address will start having issues. This is designed to prevent one mailbox from using your entire disk quota for your hosting environment. Please ensure that you set this to something you are comfortable with, 250M – 500M is a good starting point.

Once the fields have been entered to your liking, simply click on the “Create Account” button.

Below the creation area is a list of currently defined email accounts. From here you can see the account @ domain, current usage, quota size, % percentage used followed by some additional actions. These Actions allow you to Change the password, Change the quota, Delete (this can not be undone and removes ALL mail associated with this account) in the More drop down, you can Access Webmail and use scripts to auto configure email clients.

Default Email Account Every new cPanel account has a default email address. This address should not be used but is maintained for historical purposes. Sometimes users like to have a catch-all address defined that all mail destined for unaddressed users goes to, this would be one of those accounts. It is not recommended to use this account in a mail client or send email from this account via webmail.