Creating Custom DNS for Domain Names Hosted Elsewhere

For a website to be hosted, three things are needed:

1) A valid domain name

2) A web hosting account

3) DNS service that direct domain requests to the hosting account

If Canvas Host manages your domain name registrations and hosting service, DNS is included and you rarely think about it.

What if you register domain names with Canvas Host, but your website is handled by a third-party like or Tumblr? We have the answer!

By default, domains registered with Canvas Host are set to use our nameservers:

These nameservers are hosted by us and are used as part of our DNS service, to direct requests for your domain names to the appropriate server and hosting account. If you don’t have a hosting account with us, these nameservers are not accessible for your use, because the DNS zone for your domain(s) will not reside in our hosting network.

Instead, if you wish to point your domain name to a third-party hosting provider, but that hosting provider also doesn’t provide DNS service, then you will need perform the following steps to direct your domain to that third party provider.

1) Log into our Customer Support panel at

2) Select “Domains” -> “My Domains”:


3) Now click on “Manage Domain” -> “Manage Nameservers” for the domain you wish to change:


4) Click “Use Custom nameservers” and in the five nameserver entries below, enter the following nameservers:

By making this change, you will be directing your domain name’s DNS to be handled directly through our domain registrar service and not via our hosting environment.


5a) Now click on “Management Tools” -> “Manage DNS” for this domain.


5b) Alternatively, you can also manage DNS by clicking on the “Addons” tab for the current domain:


6) On this screen, you can now enter custom A records, or any other custom DNS entries as desired.


By following these steps, you will be able to manage your domain name without needing a hosting account with Canvas Host. While we love earning your business and trust, we understand that custom hosting needs call for custom domain management solutions, and we’re happy to help!

Please note, we provide DNS Management as a FREE add-on service that by default is pre-selected at the time you register a new domain with us. If for any reason, under your Addon screen you see the following you will need to sign up for DNS Management:


Please note DNS Management costs the huge sum of $0.00. 🙂 Once you’ve selected that option and gone through our shopping cart, DNS Management will be available for your use, and you can continue through with steps 1-6 above.