Does Canvas Host automatically turn on SpamAssassin for new accounts?

Every cPanel-based Web hosting plan includes SpamAssassin, an industry-standard spam filtering service that ties into known spammer lists and employs a 100+ variable Bayesian scoring system to determine whether an email is legitimate or if it is spam.

By default, SpamAssassin is shut off. Every customer can configure how SpamAssassin operates on their domain(s) by logging into their cPanel console at:


Then click on SpamAssassin and configure it per your personal preference.

Canvas Host staff are happy to assist you with SpamAssassin settings but we do not proactively do so when a hosting account is first created. This is because in the past some customers have commented the filtering our staff set up for them was either too stringent, not enough, or they did (or did not) want spam to be auto-deleted.

Therefore, we leave it up to each customer to decide upon the proper level of filtering.