Does Canvas Host offer or support ColdFusion hosting?

The short answer is “no”.

We have looked into offering the ColdFusion development platform for hosting over the years, but little demand, mixed with costly server licensing, have consistently prevented us from delving into it.

In the past, we did in fact operate websites and offer development services for ColdFusion. We know that ColdFusion has its purposes, though largely today it is in use by larger companies with corporate intranets.

Historically, because ColdFusion typically was bundled with Microsoft hosting and database options, ColdFusion-powered websites would use a Microsoft Access DB or SQL Server platform. In present times, Railo is an Apache-based web server that supports ColdFusion scripting. Even so, if we were to offer Railo, it wouldn’t solve the database platform issue.

Having rewritten ColdFusion applications into PHP, Canvas Host management knows it’s no short order to take a website or application and rework it, but in the long run it offers the benefit of having an application run on the latest, most secure platform available. If you have a ColdFusion application and would like some assistance figuring out what to do with it — whether finding a suitable ColdFusion host, leasing a VPS/dedicated server from us with a custom installation of Railo, or you are considering rewriting the entire thing into PHP — please contact our Sales team and we’ll be happy to help.