Does Canvas Host support RV Site Builder?

RV Site Builder is a third party design tool included free with every shared and reseller hosting package. It offers 600+ free pre-built web site templates to choose from, and lets you easily set up a web site with multiple pages, all through an intuitive set of web-based forms.

You can optionally download one of the templates and edit its files offline, or create your own template from scratch, directly on your Mac or PC, just in case you don’t see a template that works for your desired layout needs.

RV Site Builder’s built-in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing tools, ready-to-install blogs and newsletters, and add-on scripts (such as page counters and mailing scripts) enable you to build a comprehensive web site without having to hire your own webmaster.

Once you have built your web project, you can publish it live to the web site you are hosting with us. You can always go back in and make changes to the web project. You can also set up new projects, and switch between the projects with a few clicks of a button. This feature lets you easily set up several web sites and change them out in moments.

Finally, RV Site Builder includes detailed tutorial videos and FAQs that explain the use and functionality of each tool on every screen of the application. This takes the guesswork out of using RV Site Builder.

Canvas Host does not offer design support for RV Site Builder. If you require assistance with its use, or would like to hire us to build you a web site using RV Site Builder (which you can later access and edit yourself), please submit a support ticket under the category “Consulting & Development”, and we’ll be delighted to provide you an estimate for your consideration.

Thank you,

David Anderson
Principal, Canvas Host, LLC