How can I cascade php.ini settings throughout my Web site?

Canvas Dreams’ shared Web hosting environment operates in suPHP mode. This prevents the use of .htaccess files to set PHP configuration variables (such as register_globals, memory limits, or script timeouts) and instead requires that all such parameters be set in a php.ini file located in /home/(username)/public_html/

By default, php.ini settings are only valid for the immediate directory in which it is stored, meaning subdirectories located off of the site root will need their own distinct php.ini file as well.

To cascade the php.ini settings globally throughout your Web site, you can create and upload a .htaccess file to /home/(username)/public_html with this one line of code:

suPHP_ConfigPath /home/(username)/public_html

This will enable the php.ini settings located in the root of your site to be cascaded globally through all subdirectories of your Web site.