How can I prevent spam?

Spam can only reach you if spammers know of your email address! Generally, there are several basic ways to prevent your email address from ending up on spam lists:

1. Only give out your email address to people you trust. These people are less likely to pass on your email address to others, and that can prevent your information from falling into the hands of a spammer.

2. Avoid publishing your email address online or on your Web site. While it can sound like a good idea to present your email address, so people can get in touch with you, be aware that automated software programs, known as email harvesters, are always on the lookout for any type of email address, especially ones that have been published online. For example, they perform a pattern search for “”, and if any text is found on your Web site, which matches that criteria, it’s more than likely to be harvested by the software, put into a database of millions of email addresses, and then end up on thousands of spam lists. If you need to print your email address online, consider displaying it as a graphic/image (which harvesters cannot read), or optionally, use a Javascript to dynamically encode your address so that, while a living Web user can click on your email address, a harvester cannot decipher it. Please contact us if you have questions, or would like to request us to set up this type of email encryption for you.

3. Consider using a contact form on your web site, which will enable users to contact you, but hide your email address from them. This can be a very good way to prevent undesired individuals from obtaining your email address. While they can complete the basic contact form and submit it to you (and then, have that information emailed to you behind the scenes), they cannot determine where the message is going, nor can they obtain your email address and subsequently place it on spam lists. However, beware of Perl-based scripts, such as “”, which may display your email address in the hidden HTML code (which is visible to email harvesters). Please contact us if you would like to request us to set up a basic contact form for your Web site.