How can I use Google Mail / Gmail with my domain name?

Every hosting plan with Canvas Dreams includes mail service. By default, any domain in our network is preconfigured so that the MX records (which govern how mail is handled) directs mail to Canvas Dreams.

If you prefer to use mail via Google Mail (Google Apps), you will need to have your domain’s MX records modified so that all mail is routed directly to Google, and not Canvas Dreams.

Every cPanel account permits the direct editing of MX records for domains hosted on that account.

1. Log into cPanel (at yourdomain/cpanel), then look for the box of icons labeled Mail, and click on MX Entry.

2. From the Domain pull-down menu, select the domain you wish to edit.

3. Below, you will have the option to add new MX records in Add New Record. You will need to add the following five entries:

4. Be sure to remove any other MX entries already entered for the domain.

5. You need to ensure that you change the Email Routing Rule from the default local to remote.

6. Then save your changes. Depending on the TTL time (which normally is 14400, or four hours), the changes should be propagated and mail accessible to you at Google, within that timeframe.

7. Note if you plan to return to the default settings please take note of your default settings. They should look something like the image below.