How do I add a new email account?

1)  Login to your cPanel administration page (http://<yourdomain>/cpanel).

2)  Locate the “Mail” section of the page.  Click on “Email Accounts”.

3)  Under “Add a New Email Account”, type in the desired email address.  If your domain has add-on domains with it, use the drop-down menu to choose which domain you would like to use for this email account.

4)  Supply a password for this account.  There are two ways to do this.

A)  Type in a password of your choosing.  A “Password Strength” meter will show you the approximate “strength” of your password.  You will need to retype the password in the “Password (Again)” field.

B)  Click the “Generate Password” button.  This will bring up a “Password Generator” which will allow you to customize the type of password that is generated.  You may choose uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, and password length.  The “Password Strength” meter will show in this window will show you again the approximate “strength” of the generated password.
Click the “Use Password” button, and the Password Generator will prompt you to write down your password and keep it in a safe place.  It will also fill in the password fields required to add a new email account.

5)  OPTIONAL – You may set a quota on this email account.  Setting a quota helps you manage the available disk space on your hosting account.  You may have a number already in place by default (such as “250” MB).  You may also set it to “0”, which the system interprets as “unlimited”.

6)  Click the “Create” button.

7)  A new page will appear, confirming that the email account was created.  It also ask, “Do you wish to configure the account to work with a mail client (Outlook,”  This will auto-configure your account to work with your chosen mail client.
If you do not wish to auto-configure the new account, simply click “No”.  You will be returned to the Email Accounts page, where you may add another new email account or manage existing email accounts.