How Do I Manage My Domain Name with Canvas Host?

If you have registered a domain with or transferred a domain to Canvas Host, complete domain management options are available for you. The following provides an overview of those options.

To Administer Your Domain Name(s):

1. Log Into Support

Log into your Support account.

Then navigate to “Domains” -> “My Domains”, and click “Manage Domain” for the domain you wish to manage it. The following options are then available on the subsequent screen.

2.1 Domain Auto-Renewal

Most domains and private registrations are automatically renewed 14 days prior to the date of expiration. If you wish to cancel your domain name or private registration, select the domain, then click on “Auto Renew” and select “Disable Auto Renew”.

2.2 Nameserver Management

You have two options with nameservers.

“Use Default Nameservers”: If you plan on hosting the domain with Canvas Host or parking it onto an existing hosting plan. In either case, you can use our nameservers for DNS management.

“Use custom nameservers (enter below)”: If you plan on hosting the domain elsewhere or have custom DNS management needs but do not currently host with us, your domain will not be able to use our default nameservers. Instead, select this option and either enter your own nameservers, or if you wish to use us just for DNS management, please consult the following knowledgebase article for setting up custom DNS entries:

There are a few scenarios that will determine how or if you need to change your domain’s nameservers:

2.2.1 Just Domain Management

If you have registered a domain through Canvas Host (or have transferred the domain to us from another registrar) and do NOT intend on hosting it with us, you will need to change the nameservers to your current Web host in order for the domain to resolve correctly.

2.2.2 Adding A Domain To An Existing Hosting Plan

If you have registered a domain through Canvas Host, already have a Web hosting plan through us, and simply want to add the domain to your current hosting plan, you will need to change the nameservers on the new domain to match those in use by the active/hosted domain name.

2.2.3 Transferring A Domain To An Existing Hosting Plan

If you are a new customer and have transferred one or more domains to Canvas Host for management along with a hosting plan, you will need to change the nameservers on your domain to match the ones we provided you at the time you signed up for Web hosting.

2.3 Registrar Lock

If you plan on transferring your domain to another registrar, you will need to unlock your domain. Alternatively, to protect your domain from being accidentally transferred away, please make sure registrar lock is turned on.

2.4 Domain Addon Services

Two addon services are available for domains.

2.4.1 ID Protection

This service conceals your WHOIS contact information to prevent spammers and others from obtaining your contact information, such as phone number or physical mailing address. The service costs $7.50 per year and is helpful for individuals who do not have a general business address or wish to keep their contact information private.

2.4.2 DNS Host Record Management

This service is, by default selected at the time you register or transfer a domain to Canvas Host. If for some reason your domain doesn’t have this option selected, you can “buy now” for $0.00. That’s right, we don’t charge anything for this service but you do need to “order” it through our shopping cart. Once it’s ordered, you’ll be able to take advantage of custom DNS management noted in 2.2, above.

2.5 Domain Management Tools

You have three options available.

2.5.1 Contact Information, also known as WHOIS

You can change the Registrant information (your name, address, email, phone number, etc) to keep your WHOIS data current for primary contacts that should be listed on the domain.

2.5.2 Register Nameservers

If you wish to set up your own custom nameservers for your domain, such as if you are a hosting reseller or have a dedicated server, you can register private nameservers through this service. Please note, you will need to have those nameservers first paired with two separate, static  IP addresses and have rDNS set up so requests for the IPs resolve to the nameservers (which is very important if the nameservers are used on a server that sends out email).

2.5.3 Get EPP Code

If you wish to transfer the domain away from Canvas Host, you will need to know the domain’s EPP code. It’s a secret code tied directly to this domain and is needed in order for a third-party registrar to successfully transfer the domain to them. Selecting this option will email the EPP code to email address listed on the domain’s registrant contact.

2.6 Adding a Domain to your Hosting Account

If you have a Web hosting account with us and wish to use this domain on that hosting space, you will need to log into cPanel by going to:

http://(your domain)/cpanel

Then go to Domains, then choose “Addon Domains”, “Parked Domains”, or “Redirects” to configure your new domain on this hosting space.

If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to open a support ticket with us or give us a call.  We are always happy to assist.