How do I check on or change email account quotas?

To check on your email account quotas, first log into your Cpanel account at http://(yourdomain)/cpanel

1. Then navigate to Mail -> Email Accounts. On this screen you will see each email account listed, along with Usage / Quota. “Usage” shows how much of the available (“Quota”) storage space you are using for a particular account.

2. On the same screen, to change or increase the quota (limit) of an account, click on the “Change Quota” link for the particular mail account.

3. Mail storage counts against the total storage quota of your hosting account. If you are using Hosting Plan A, which includes 3GB of storage, then please be aware that mail usage counts towards that total amount. So if you have a single email account that takes up 1GB of storage, then there are only 2GB of storage left for web files, databases, and other email accounts on the hosting plan.

4. If for some reason you have gone *over* the total quota of your hosting package (such as exceeding the total 3GB of storage), then you may find that your hosting account isn’t working correctly. For example, if you have MySQL databases running a WordPress site, the entire site may break if you have gone over your hosting quota due to too much mail storage. This is why we recommend being careful will how much storage allotment you provision for email accounts.

5b. If either your email account, or your entire account in fact goes over quota, you may need to contact our Support team to request assistance clearing out old log files. We have seen situations in which a mail account, once it goes over quota, cannot simply be re-enabled by increasing the available quota for the account. It’s a strange nuance in Cpanel that happens often.

If you have any questions, our Support team is always happy to help.