How do I install Perl scripts on my Web site?

CGI scripts, such as for processing submitted form data, can be used on any cPanel web site. Simply FTP into your site and upload the CGI scripts to /public_html/cgi-bin/.

When configuring CGI scripts, you will need to know the path to PERL, as well as to sendmail. Typically, the settings in cPanel are:

  • Path to sendmail: /usr/sbin/sendmail
  • Path to PERL: /usr/bin/perl

You can verify these are the correct settings by logging into the cPanel administration area for your web site.

Additionally, you can use preinstalled CGI scripts by clicking on the CGI Center icon located on the main page of your site’s cPanel interface.

Finally, be sure to change permissions on the script(s) from 644 to 755. This will permit them to be executed and processed as CGI scripts.