How do I transfer my domain to Canvas Host?

In addition to registering domains on your behalf, Canvas Host can also manage them for you to prevent your domains from expiring without your knowledge.

To transfer your domains to us, follow these steps.

  1. Turn off registrar lock and private registration for any domains you wish to transfer to us. This is done by logging into the administration panel at the registrar that currently manages your domains. If you have any doubt about the status of the domain, please contact your registrar directly and request these two changes be made immediately.
  2. Have your registrar issue you an “authorization code” for each domain. The Authorization code may be called an “EPP Code”, “Auth Info, or “Auth Key”. Every registrar calls it something different.
  3. Sign up for a domain transfer and renewal in our online support system. You’ll be asked to enter the domain name and authorization code that you obtained in Step 2, for each domain you wish to transfer. Once you place your order, we’ll initiate the transfer process.

For complete instructions, please visit the following page of our web site: