How do I use Fantastico?

If you would like to use Fantastico to install software, follow these easy steps.

Login to your cPanel account.

Under Software/Services you will see a button with a smiley face.

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From the left column, choose the software you would like to install. Follow the directions provided by the software installer. Most of the installers require the following information to be provided:

1. domain name you would like to use;

2. the install location (leaving this blank will install in the document root). Putting in /blog/ would install in a folder called blog;

3. username and password, if the software you are installing uses a login feature;

4. a valid and functioning email address. Fantastico will normally email you additional directions or login instructions to this email address, make sure you can access it.

Once you run the installer, Fantastico will create and install everything it needs and email you any additional information or login details to the email address provided. Please keep this information for your records, we do not have any of these details on file or have any way to recover them.