How to reconnect previously-installed Fantastico scripts from a previous host?

In most cases, if you previously installed a script through Fantastico and have migrated your Web site to a new host. it should be possible to reconnect that install using the following steps.

1. If your current script was installed in the root of your site, move all files to a directory off of the site root, such as from / to /tempfolder. Otherwise, make a note of the current installation directory and skip to Step 2.

2. Go to Fantastico and install a fresh copy of the script, to a new subdirectory off of the site root, such as /newinstallfolder.

3. If your current script was installed in the root of your site, move its contents back from /tempfolder to /. Otherwise skip to Step 4.

4. Locate and go into the .fantasticodata directory via SSH or SFTP. The directory is located at /home/(your cPanel username)/.fantasticodata. In that directory, look for the directory with the name of the new script you installed. For example, if you just installed a fresh copy of Joomla 1.5, there is a subdirectory in .fantasticodata/ named “Joomla_1.5”. Drop into that directory and you will see the configuration script for the new install.

5. The configuration script filename uses this name convention: /(your domain name)|newinstallfolder (note: this is the sample folder name from above). Rename the file appropriately to reference the old/existing install.

6. Now open this configuration file and change MySQL database and filepath references to the correct/existing installation. Save your changes.

7. Now when you go to the Fantastico De Luxe screen in your cPanel interface, you’ll see that it references the old script you brought across, and SHOULD show whether a new upgrade is available.