I updated my payment method so why is my invoice still not paid?

Updating your credit card, Paypal, or other payment method does not manually trigger our system to process invoices.

You will need to go in the actual invoice itself and authorize the payment in order to process the invoice.

There are a couple of ways of doing this:

Through your customer login area https://support.canvashost.com/clientarea.php

Once logged in, click on Billing (same tab for manage credit cards) and click on “My invoices” and open up the unpaid invoice. You will see an option on the the top right to authorize payment.


By phone by call our billing department at 503-914-1118 (toll free 800-574-4299) ext 3 during our billing hours 9am-4pm PST.


Open a ticket by emailing billing@canvashost.com and let us know that you want the invoices paid and we will run the card for you and send you a receipt. (It helps if you include invoice #’s)


If you are getting error messages while trying to update your card check to make sure that the  card associations match what is on your card and what shows on the screen.