Known issues with Filezilla FTP client

Many of our clients prefer using FileZilla as their FTP client. Here is a list of known issues or settings to watch for.

We have become aware of an issue where some customers may have their IP blocked in the server’s firewall because the server detects what it thinks is a port scan. It has come to our attention that the FTP client Filezilla can produce these “false positives”.

Proposed solution/work around: In FileZilla Site Manager, you will need to select “Passive Mode” and then click the “limit number of simultaneous connections” box, and set the limit to something like 1 to 5.

If you think you have been blocked, please visit to find your IP address, copy and paste it into a support ticket. We will be able to unblock you very quickly and add your IP to a white-list in the firewall.

More information here:


As of version 10, FileZilla defaults to use “FTP over TLS”, which is essentially the same as SFTP.
If you use the QuickConnect feature, simply using Port 22 should suffice.
If you are using the SiteManager, you will run into issues if you have specified port 21 before the update. Please go into SiteManager to ensure the Protocol and Encryption are set appropriately. You should still be able to use Port 21 if the Encryption is reset to “Only use Plain FTP (Insecure)”.