Migrating Email from non-cPanel environments

Migrating an existing email account at a non-cPanel hosting provider to Canvas Dreams may be difficult, but it’s not impossible. There are several scenarios for migrating email over.

If you’re using IMAP mail, you should already have a local copy of all email you’ve ever downloaded on a local computer, and there should be nothing to migrate across, unless you’ve only been downloading mail headers or reading the mail via Webmail. So rebuilding the account in our hosting environment will simply mean re-creating the email account, and changing your IMAP settings to resolve to our mail servers (to download new email once it starts coming in to us). You’ll still have a backup of your local machine of all the old mail.

Another way (we’ve done this in the past when moving accounts from arcane/EOL’d and home-grown hosting platforms) basically involves POP’ing the old IMAP mail account so you get a complete download/backup of all email to your local machine (which would be stored in offline folders, using a mail application like MacMail, Thunderbird, or Outlook, etc.). Then create a secondary account, IMAP’ing the new email account on our hosting environment. Then recreate the IMAP folders manually. Then simply drag/drop the offline backup mail from your local computer, to the desired IMAP folders on our end. This will recreate all mail messages into the new space, and restore it to a full IMAP environment.