Modifying Apache Settings with EasyApache

If you operate a VPS or Dedicated server, you can alter the hosting environment (such as Apache version, PHP major/minor versions, installed plugins and other settings) using a powerful, built-in WHM tool called EasyApache.

EasyApache lets you create a new Apache build with custom settings through a browser-based interface. Once you’ve created the new profile, you can build and restart Apache using the new profile. Though it’s fairly simple to follow the on-screen instructions, unless you’re certain how to modify settings, we recommend opening a ticket through our Support System and submitting the requested changes. Our Support staff are happy to assist with EasyApache modifications.

If you do wish to make the changes yourself, make sure you follow these tips:

1. In the WHM navigation bar, go to Software > EasyApache (Apache Update).

2. You’ll be redirected to the EasyApache interface. This takes a few moments.

3. The default setting starts with “Previously Saved Config”. Press the “Start customizing based on profile” button at bottom right.

4. Modify (or leave alone) the Apache Version on the next screen and press “Next Step”.

5. Modify (or leave alone) the PHP Major Version on the next screen and press “Next Step”.

6. Modify (or leave alone) the PHP Minor Version on the next screen and press “Next Step”.

7. Add/remove (or leave alone) options on the next screen and then press “Exhaustive Options List”.

8. Add/remove (or leave alone) Apache and PHP settings and plugins on the next screen. Once done, press “Save and Build” at the bottom of the screen. When prompted, select “I Understand” from the warning box (it tells you not to change anything or close your browser until compilation is complete). Compilation can take upwards of 30 minutes or even longer, depending on the options you have selected.

9. Once the process is finished, you’ll be shown a “Complete!” screen indicating the build is finished and Apache has been restarted with the new settings now enabled.