Remote MySQL Access – Policies and Procedures

By default, we include PHPMyAdmin, a web-based database development tool, standard with every cPanel hosting account. PHPMyAdmin permits the rapid creation and deployment of MySQL databases for use with your cPanel account.

From time to time, we receive requests from customers whose developers would like to use their own database development tools. In some cases, this might be a custom PHPMyAdmin installation within the customer’s or developer’s office.

For security reasons, we do not permit remote MySQL access to any shared hosting server, from just any location on the Internet. And while cPanel does contain a “Remote Database Access Hosts” tool designed to permit you to list “approved” remote IP addresses, firewall technology on the servers prevents that alone from permitting such access.

We can and do permit remote access to MySQL from external IPs. Here’s how:

  1. Add your static IP address to your cPanel account via the “Remote MySQL” icon within your cPanel interface.
  2.  Contact our Support department by opening a ticket in our Support system and requesting remote access. In your request, please provide us the remote static IP address of the location from which you are requesting access.
  3.  We will perform a security audit on the IP and related network. If it passes our tests, we will open port 3306 on the server (which is used for MySQL data transactions), for connections from your static IP address, and notify you the access has been granted.
  4.  If for any reason you no longer need remote MySQL access from that IP, please contact us immediately so we can de-list that. It’s all about keeping your account, and the server hosting your website, as safe as possible.

Please note: due to security reasons, we are unable to permit remote MySQL access from dynamic IP addresses. If you have standard broadband service from your ISP, chances are you also have a dynamic IP address. Static IP addresses are usually reserved for business-level broadband customers unless you opt for it as an upgrade. Please ask your ISP if you have any questions as to the nature of your IP address.