The Page (navigation bar) links have stopped working in my WordPress install

WordPress makes extensive use of the Apache rewrite directive to create search engine friendly URLs for pages and sections.

When altering a WordPress installation, such as moving the contents of the blog to a separate directory and/or web host, the primary .htaccess file (located in the root directory for the installation) can become corrupted or even deleted.

If this happens, the dynamic links to the pages of your install may stop working. This is because the rewrite directive has been damaged. As a result, your browser is not served the correct dynamic content after clicking on a page link in the WordPress navigation bar, and all you see is a 404 (page not found) error.

To correct this, the rewrite directive needs to be rebuilt in the .htaccess file.

You can do this by logging into the WordPress admin screen.

Then go to Pages > Add New Page. Just create a temporary page if you must (which you can later delete). Once this is created, try accessing the other page links on the public portion of your WordPress install. This should work fine.

If this does not correct your problem, please open a support ticket and a member of our staff will be happy to further assist you.