Using Fantastico De Luxe as a Reseller

The Fantastico suite of applications is included with every Reseller hosting plan. It offers dozens of ready-to-use PHP/MySQL applications for any of the domains hosted on your cPanel reseller account.

When creating a new site, make sure you have assigned a package to the site that includes “Fantastico” or “Fantastico De Luxe” in the listed feature set.

Once the site is created, you will need to log out of your reseller account, and directly into cPanel for the new site.

If you try to install Fantastico scripts on a domain, while logged into your reseller account, you will be showing the following error on the domain’s Fantastico panel:

“You are logged in using the root or reseller password. Please log in using the account’s password in order to use Fantastico. Any installations using root or reseller password will fail.”

In order to use and install scripts for the new site via Fantastico, you will need to log into the web account through []/cpanel, and not as the reseller.

Once logged into /cpanel, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the “Fantastico de Luxe” icon. On the next screen, select from the list of available scripts, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of this script.