What Are Canvas Host’s Email Sending Limits?

To protect against spam or malicious usage of our network to relay spam, Canvas Dreams limits the volume of emails that may be sent out to 500 emails per domain per hour for all shared and reseller hosting customers.

This limit is placed on each domain within a customer’s shared hosting or reseller account. If you have three hosted domains with which you use email (such as Plan A), each of those domains will be permitted to send up to 500 emails in any given hour.

If you have on a VPS or Dedicated server, these limits do NOT apply to you, though for best practice we strongly encourage you to enforce these limitations to protect your own service against spam attacks.

Workarounds to this limitation

1. If you need to send more than 500 emails per hour for any of your domains, such as if you operate a newsletter mailing list, Canvas Host has a service to fulfill that need – Canvas.Email.

Canvas.Email provides comprehensive email marketing, responsive templates, and powerful metrics to get your message to your users regardless of platform, device, or social media channel.


2. If you have a legitimate need to send 500 individually authenticated messages (such as in an office with dozens of employees), you may consider using a third-party hosted email service, such as Gmail.
If you’d like to learn how to configure your mail for use with Gmail, please see this Knowledge Base article:



Please remember that your security, along with the security of all customers on our network, is of the utmost important to everyone at Canvas Dreams. While we don’t wish to limit your use of our services, the limitations on email sending are not as strict as most web hosts, and are in place to protect you and ensure your mail service remains free from problems caused by other users of our service.