What is site migration?

A site migration is the physical moving of files from one hosting provider to another. In other words, moving all of the HTML/PHP/MYSQL/ETC files from the old hosting provider to Canvas Dreams. This is not the same as a domain name transfer or domain transfer.

If you have requested help with a site migration you will need to open a new support ticket and provide the following information.

1. domain name being migrated.
2. login details and control panel information. This would include any ftp, ssh, control panel login details.
3. mysql database names and mysql database usernames and passwords being used.
4. File path location as they site on the disk. Sometimes this looks like /home/ACCOUNT/public_html.

**NOTE** migration of email is not supported unless a migration from cPanel is being done.

once the ticket has been opened, we will schedule a time to migrate the files from your old host to Canvas Dreams. Do not cancel or terminate your hosting account with your old host until we have completed the migration.

Canvas Dreams offers up to 1/2 hour of free website migration assistance for cPanel-to-cPanel site moves.  If the migration is expected to take longer additional charges may be incurred. We will always notify the customer before these incurred charges.