WHM Administration basics

When working within WHM, the best thing to remember is that everything you need to do begins with the left-hand column.  The headings and subheadings are very straightforward and easy to navigate with.

The majority of your time will be spent in the ‘Account Information’, ‘Account Functions’, and ‘Packages’ sections.  Those are the ones you’ll want to familiarize yourself with first, as those are the backbone of your use of WHM.

Working within quotas

Your Canvas Dreams Reseller Plan includes disk space, bandwidth, and account quotas.  When adding accounts, be mindful of how many accounts you can have on your account and whether or not the disk space and bandwidth you allow the account to have will cause a conflict with the overall amount of resources you have to work with.

Of course, going over your bandwidth quota or needing more disk space isn’t a problem for Canvas Dreams.  We will work with you to ensure you’re using your resources as efficiently as possible.  Our services are fully scalable, meaning we are there to help you grow, and be there for you as you grow.

Setting up packages

Setting up your own hosting packages to make available is an important first step with your Canvas Dreams reseller account.  To do so, locate the ‘Add Packages’ link in the ‘Packages’ subsection.  Here, you can control all aspects of each package’s offerings, including naming the packages and setting disk space and bandwidth quotas per account.

Modifying customer accounts

Once an account is created, you may find the need to modify it.  When that time comes, simple locate the ‘Modify an Account’ link in the ‘Account Functions’ subsection.  A list of your accounts will appear.  Select the one you want to modify and click the ‘Modify’ button.  Here, you can change the domain, the username, the number of email accounts available, and more.