Why does my invoice say it’s due the same day it’s sent?

This applies to our customers that are on an auto-pay billing option and for our Paypal billing option.

We have set our auto-pay system to create and send invoices on the 1st of each month and then attempt to capture payment the same day. This is our set and forget setting that many of our customers really like.

If you would like to receive an invoice a few weeks prior to the due date and pay by check we also have that option available.

If you are set to pay by check option you can still pay with Paypal or a payment card by logging in to your client area at support.canvashost.com or by calling us at 503.914.1118.

If the card has expired or for some other reason is declined for hosting, you will be notified by email and have until the 15th of that month to get payment in before your account is suspended for non-payment.

If you need to make special payment arrangements or want to extend your billing cycle to take advantage of some of our awesome discounts on Annual, Bi-annual or Tri-annual Plans, please give us a call or send an email to billing@canvashost.com.