Why does the PHPMyAdmin link in cPanel take me to a login screen?

When logged into cPanel, most users can simply click on the PHPMyAdmin icon to directly access their MySQL databases. Sometimes, however, the user is taken to the PHPMyAdmin login screen again, where they are prompted to enter a username and password.

A recent change in cPanel (since 11.28) has resulted in the MySQL root password NO LONGER being synchronized with the cPanel account password. If you change your cPanel password for any reason, this means the stored, MySQL root password for your account will be different. If you are not automatically logged into PHPMyAdmin, but instead are taken to the PHPMyAdmin login screen, it is because your cPanel account password has been changed, and the MySQL account password has not been updated automatically to reflect that.

You can test this if, when presented by the PHPMyAdmin login screen, you try logging in with your cPanel account username and password. If this fails, you have your answer. You can still log into PHPMyAdmin with the MySQL database username and password.

If you are a reseller host or have a dedicated server with WHM at Canvas Dreams, you can perform this change yourself by logging into WHM, then locating “List Accounts”, navigate to the proper account, then click the plus (+) sign to the left of the domain to open up the quick password change options. On that form you will note the pre-selected option, “Sync MySQL password with account password“, which will re-synchronize the MySQL password when you change the account password.

If you are a shared hosting customer and the login screen continues to be a problem, we have the ability to synchronize your MySQL root password with your cPanel account password. We’ll simply need to know what your current cPanel account password is. For more information or help, please contact our Support team.