Why has my web site been suspended?

Reasons for your web site being suspended include failing to pay an invoice on time or if your Web site is exhibiting illegal activity, such as sending or relaying spam.

If you find that your web site has been suspended, please log into our support system and check to see if you have any outstanding invoices.

Once you have paid the invoice, your account should be active almost immediately. You may need to clear your browser cache to view the website once it has been un-suspended.


Some background information on how and when we suspend sites:

Payment for hosting services is due immediately upon receipt of an invoice. Typically, payments are made automatically using credit card information stored securely and attached to your account. If the card expires or is canceled, the card will be rejected by our merchant gateway, and the payment will not be successful. If this happens, we will notify you immediately with a copy of the current invoice, and a friendly note explaining that we require new card information.

If payment is not made within 7 days of the notice your account may be subject to immediate suspension. Our accounting system automates the suspension of accounts. Upon suspension, you will receive an email — but you may not receive it if it is sent to an email address hosted on the account that has been suspended.

We will make all attempts possible to contact you by email prior to suspending your site. If you do not respond to our emails, we will be unable to prevent the suspension.

Accounts that have been suspended for more than 30 days will be permanently deleted from our network.